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About DBL Aviation

Business professionals in the Tidewater area often include travel in their normal routine. While Norfolk International Airport is served by four major airlines, connecting through an airline hub sometimes defeats the purpose of the speed of air travel.

DBL aviation offers Aircraft Management Services to aircraft owners that allow them to enjoy the full benefit of aircraft ownership without the operational and personnel responsibilities of maintaining a flight department. Their corporate aircraft can be ready to depart on the business schedule of the management team to an airport that bypasses airline hubs and places their team close to the business action.

For clients who have not yet purchased their own aircraft, or for business reasons elect not to own, DBL coordinates Dry Lease Agreements with aircraft owners. This provides a mutual benefit for both owners and lease clients as the owners take advantage of substantial overhead cost reduction while lease clients enjoy the business advantage of tailored executive transport for their management teams.

DBL-managed aircraft are flown by professional pilots who have years of experience in the commercial and general aviation markets, and receive regular refresher training in DBL-managed aircraft.